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UKAF Men’s U23 V Bristol University

UKAF 29 Bristol University 35

A physical game on the grounds of Clifton rugby club leaves team UKAF falling just short, after losing narrowly to an on-form Bristol University side in a close fought game.

The UKAF U23s team sheet Vs Bristol University

As the game got underway the UKAF side started off strong with a defensive effort after the Bristol kick-off put both teams deep into the UKAF 22. The goings back and forth between each team’s half early on set the game up for a promising fixture. With the home side Bristol applying the pressure they soon earnt themselves a penalty upon the UKAF 5 metre line. Quick thinking from Bristol saw them tap and go allowing them to crash over the tryline, for the first score of the game. Bristol Uni 5 – 0 UKAF, after the conversion drifted wide.

Due to the constant pressure easy mistakes were made, a knock on from Bristol gave UKAF an opportunity to get themselves up the field. After accurate set play by the team in purple, they saw themselves within reach of the opposing tryline. With 11’ mins gone on the clock, a massive carry by No.6 AS1 T. Bald evened the score for UKAF. Bristol Uni 5 – 7 UKAF, with No.10 LNN D. Ronald adding the extra 2 points.


With the game now fully underway both teams continued the fight for momentum but small mistakes through handling errors or penalties costed them the metres. Bristol played up-front rugby and tried to force their way through the defence, involving both their back and forwards to push their way towards a score. The UKAF team held strong however and refused entry by winning a turnover penalty to exit their own line.

Image – Alligin Photgraphy

This seemingly gave UKAF the Momentum as moments later they forced Bristol to give away numerous penalties for not rolling and offside. This allowed UKAF to gain vital metres, closing the gap between them and the whitewash. The penalties conceded gave UKAF a promising lineout on the 5-metre line where Captain No.8 LT S. Jones bundled over to give his side the lead. Bristol Uni 5 – 14 UKAF, as again No.10 LNN Ronald slotted the kick beautifully.

The game was truly on!

Both teams showed promise through their ability to get quick ball off of the base of the rucks with some hard-hitting carries. However, with the home advantage Bristol weren’t about to back down, shown moments later by clinical passing and fluid rugby putting Bristol on the front foot and resulting in a score of their own just moments after the previous score from the visiting side. Bristol Uni 12 – 14 UKAF, with a successful conversion from the Bristol No.10.

Just before the Half-time whistle, UKAF were seen to strongly defend their line numerous times, giving it everything to keep out their opposition. As the clock was running out for the half, UKAF No.13 TPR W. Ravonokula powered through to grasp the last score before the interval and ultimately extend his teams lead further. Bristol Uni 12 – 19 UKAF, a tough angle resulting in a missed conversion.

Half-Time: Bristol Uni 12 – 19 UKAF

The game was restarted by UKAF deep into the Bristol half although the home side had no intention of staying down there as they started their attack with some promising attempts. Through targeting the wide channels and some long passing the home team quickly gained ground.  Off the back of a UKAF knock on, they now had a scrum about 20 metres out. Their number 8 picked off of the back of the scrum and gave Bristol a 2 on 1 in the corner, giving them a try to add to their total but no conversion to follow. Bristol Uni 17 – 19 UKAF.

Despite the quick score from Bristol, UKAF came out into the second half with a huge amount of physicality and smart levels of rugby, using their kicking ability to pin back the oncoming tacklers. The fixture still remained very tight and very scrappy; it was clear to see that discipline was paramount, as seen by Bristol giving away numerous penalties consecutively and even being pushed back 10 metres by the referee for backchat. This gave the UKAF team opportunities to knock on the door of the Bristol, tryline however sadly those weren’t taken successfully.

With 20 minutes played in the second half the scoreline could see the eager Bristol side score again and take the lead once more with their 3rd try of the night. Bristol 24 – 19 UKAF, this time the conversion being pinpoint. The eagerness of the home side saw them prosper, however it also saw them suffer as UKAF were able to again capitalise upon an awarded penalty. The UKAF team lined up to an attacking line-out giving them a chance to deploy a driving maul set play, barging No.2  RGR G. Coen over to close the scoreline gap, conversion was missed. Bristol Uni 24 – 24 UKAF. The game was even once more!!!

Image – Alligin Photography

With momentum evenly split between both teams, the last 15 minutes of the game would make for an entertaining finish. The next 10 minutes saw two big tries from Bristol, using their speed and agility to weave in and around the UKAF defence, to now take the score difference to 12 points. Bristol Uni 36 – 24 UKAF.

With 76 minutes now played, all players still had their skillsets on display. Both teams continued to fight in the middle of the pitch, with the UKAF scrum clearly dominating, sliding the Bristol forward pack backwards with some pace. Bristol still found holes in the UKAF Defence however and forced the visitors to respond.

In the final moments of the game the teams began to slow down and result to crash ball rugby. UKAF saw one last opportunity as they rolled over to score a consolation try and take the score to within 7 after a missed conversion. Bristol Uni 36 – 29 UKAF.

Full-Time Score: Bristol Uni 36 – 29 UKAF


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