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UK Armed Forces Women vs Bristol Bears – Remembrance 23

UKAF 10 Bristol Bears 38

In the annual Remembrance Fixture at Kingsholm stadium, Gloucester, the UK Armed Forces Women’s team faced a formidable challenge against Bristol Bears Women. The poignant opening, featuring the traditional act of remembrance with Gnr Blake Trowbridge’s Last Post and Amelia Underwood-King’s rendition of the national anthem, set the tone for the match.

The initial 10 minutes were marked by a scrappy exchange as both teams adjusted to the game’s pace. Bristol Bears Women broke the deadlock at the 29th minute with Mollie Wilkinson scoring in the corner after exploiting a mismatch. Building momentum, Bristol continued to breach the UKAF defense, with Amy Coles creating opportunities for Phoebe Murray and Wilkinson again. The first half concluded with Bristol leading 19-0.


The second half saw a resurgence from the UK Armed Forces at the 52nd minute, as Lucy Nye’s quick hands off the ruck set up Rose Dixon for a try in the corner. Despite this, Bristol Bears Women maintained control, with Reneeqa Bonner scoring off a loose kick and later setting up Amy Coles for another try. Bonner’s individual brilliance was evident as she made impactful breaks, ultimately securing a try for herself from 40 meters out.

In the dying moments, the UKAF showed resilience, launching multiple phases and breaching Bristol’s defense with Orla Proctor scoring. However, the final whistle blew with Bristol Bears Women securing a 38-10 victory. The match showcased the competitive spirit of both teams, with Bristol’s strategic plays and UKAF’s late-game push contributing to an engaging fixture.


UKAF Line Up

1. Sarah Batley - Army

2. Rebecca Addis - Royal Navy

3. Becky Wilson - Army

4. Kathryn Robinson (Dale) - RAF

5. Colette Broome - Army

6. Heidi Silcox - Army

7. Rowann Sinclair - Royal Navy

8. Lauren Brooks - Army

9. Lucy Nye - RAF

10. Daisy Fahey - Army

11. Rose Dixon - Royal Navy

12. Rebecca DeFillippo - RAF

13. Amy Carr - Army

14. Courtney Pursglove - Army

15. Jade Mullen - Army

16. Lou Langton - RAF

17. Lucy Honeybell - Royal Navy

18. Rosie Staples - Royal Navy

19. Daniker Willmore - RAF

20. Charlotte Murray - RAF

21. Charlie Morgan - Army

22. Orla Proctor - RAF

23. Sian McLaughlin - Royal Navy